One of the things that I enjoy the most is traveling. Even if it is to a town 2 hours away from home that I have never been to yet. Through traveling it has allowed me to meet interesting people from various backgrounds, enjoy different kinds of cuisines (I love food), discover new places and hidden gems, and get to learn more about the history. And getting to do as the locals is an absolute treasure.

Following my studies and gaining some work experience I decided it was time to spend a year abroad. I did this through Au Pairing in the Netherlands. If anyone in South Africa is interested in becoming an Au Pair abroad, there are many agencies that assist throughout the entire process. Be sure to chose carefully. The agency that represented me in Cape Town is and in the Netherlands was

During 2013 I spent my year as an au pair. It has so far been one of my favorite and most treasured moments. I was able to spend time traveling with my host family to Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and even around the Netherlands. During my free time I also traveled on my own and with friends I met along the way to places I only dreamed of visiting. I got to see Prague, Vienna, Gyor, Budapest, just to name a few places.

During my holiday in 2016 / 2017 during my summer break I booked my flights to visit my host family and friends in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. I also made some new friends, which was great opportunity to visit new places. I also spent part of my holiday traveling on my own to Porto, Lisbon, Barcelona and Madrid.

I can only encourage people to travel because it truly enriches the soul.