Presentation by Candida Nel an interior designer based in Cape Town, South Africa.

CPUT - Interior Design

Having completed a Degree in Interior Design at CPUT was a great experience. Even though it was a very challenging year, it was also extremely rewarding at the end of the day. It has also given me the title as a Cape Town Interior Designer.

It has been my second choice during my Applications to Universities. And once I had the opportunity to work in an Architecture and Interior Design Studio I used this to gain more experience and understanding of this field. This was a great foundation during my studies.

More information on the Course

Graduates must produce a cohesive body of creative work that is a synthesis of technology, problem-solving and the application of research methodology. The course equips the graduate with current technological knowledge in the field of interior design.

Graduates must demonstrate the ability to co-ordinate and conduct research and development in a specialised area of design and/or technology in the field of Interior Design. These skills, coupled with a deeper understanding of the implications of design thinking, will contribute to the development of the local interior design industry within the global context.

Graduates can register with the South African Institute for the Interior Design Professions (IID) as a candidate Junior Interior Designer, Interior Designer and Senior Interior Designer.

Btech Final Mini-Dissertation Presentation & Drawings

Below are Candida's final presentation and drawings for her Mini-Dissertation project. Research was to be done a topic of interest. Problems were then to be assessed and also to see how this affects interior design as well as how this problem could be resolved with a combination of research, design and finally in the detailing.

The topic of interest was health and still the every growing HIV/AIDS epidemic. Firstly, what was looked at was how we could create a safe environment in which people could be educated, but also create a multipurpose building which could also be a means of income generator.

Also, below are two other examples of work completed during the Bachelor Degree.

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