The National Diploma programme focus on gaining strong creative, technical and practical problem-solving skills in construction methodology, materials and innovative detail building design. It also give me the title as an Architectural Technician

Learning takes place through interaction, discussion and debate between students, studio assistants and lecturers. Theory subjects provide the support and the necessary knowledge and skills to apply in solving design challenges in the studio.

Students are also exposed to real-life community design-build work where learning happens through doing.

The entire second year of the National Diploma is devoted to experiential learning in an architect’s offices. During this time the students are required to attend some classes and complete assignments, which are presented during various times in each term.

The final year (3rd year) of completing the National Diploma was focused at preparing students for the workplace as well as further studies, Bachelor Degree. The subjects therefore were aimed towards introducing students more to the principles of design, office practice, building services, construction and detailing (which is one of the major subjects taken throughout the course), survey and landscaping, and lastly studio work.

This course has given me a basic understanding of design and detailing related to Architecture. It also forms the basis in which has helped me better understand design and its relation to the building construction and detail thereof. It has also been a great start before having completed my Bachelor Degree in Interior Design.

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